Let our highly skilled tattoo and piercing artist become your new exterior decorator! We give your body a whole new look even with the smallest tattoo! Everything is taken serious at The Ink Blokk and we are interested in making every piece have that special meaning!

custom art

Tattoos, Piercings, Body Modifications, And Body Art in Columbus

If its skin we pierce it! Specializing in all piercings in a safe and sterile environment. Privacy is offered to every client for tattoos or piercings and you will be given specific aftercare instructions. Less damage and less pain for you!!

Platinum Piercings

custom art at a custom price!!

​get your ink featured in GA's only exotic tattoo mag!

Best Prices in The City!!

military, aflac, tysys & Student Discounts

Specializing in all exotic piercings,

blaclight tattoos, 3d art, body modifications,

& custom tattoo designing! TAP-OUT

Session available! Over 10 years 

experience! Award winning



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prices are determined by the work.